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NGOs and Entities

Environmental DNA Service in the area of ​​NGOs and government entities

  • Early detection and identification of invasive alien species (IAS).
  • Post-treatment monitoring to eradicate IAS in protected natural areas. eDNA can determine if the target invasive species(s) remain in a territory or if new treatments are needed.
  • Routine monitoring of IAS in the routes of introduction and priority attention sites, such as ballast water in ports, importation of aquatic organisms, among others.
  • Monitoring of macroinvertebrates as indicators of environmental health.
  • Monitoring of difficult-to-identify species (ie, low population density, cryptic species, differences in life cycle stages).
  • Biodiversity monitoring for emblematic species, in states of conservation, others. With just one sample, all groups can be identified at the same time, from bacteria to mammals.
  • Evaluation of biodiversity data that support environmental management plans for protected areas, formulation and execution of follow-up programs and monitoring of focus groups, biodiversity inventories.

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